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Our Position

First Christian of Kimberling City, MO is an independent, non-denominational church that believes the Bible to be the inspired word of God and His revelation to man. Therefore, we insist only on those matters in which the New Testament sets forth as requirements for membership in Christ's Church. Those are faith in Christ as the Son of God and Savior, repentance from sin, and baptism in the name of Christ for the forgiveness of sin and then receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit. We practice the form of baptism that conforms to the New Testament pattern of immersion.

Our Worship Service

You will enjoy a contemporary authentic worship setting. We blend current songs of praise, traditional worship songs and hymns each week in the Worship Center. Become a part of the excitement as we strive together for excellence in worship, prayer, preaching from God's word and breaking of bread. During communion each Sunday, we remember the death, burial and resurrection of Christ for all mankind and we proclaim our faith in His ultimate return in glory.

Oh, and come as you are! If you are comfortable in a suit and tie or t-shirt and shorts, we do not judge on your appearance. God loves you just as you are, and so do we! Come worship with the friendliest Christian Church in the Branson area!

Our Vision of Worship

  • Our vision is for people to lead a lifestyle of worship.
  • Our vision is for people to be changed by their encounter with God in worship.
  • Our vision is for all worshippers to be fully engaged mentally, spiritually, and physically in worship.
  • Our vision is to worship with the excellence the Lord deserves.

Regular Sunday Schedule

  • Sunday School & Life Groups - 9:00 am

    • Elston Group 2: North Hall. Facilitator: Dave Elston
    • Cox Group: West Hall. Facilitators: Curtis Cox

    • Elementary Sunday School (kindergarten - through 6th Grade)
    • Youth Sunday School (7 - 12th grade)
    • Cally Ross Group - Women's Study in North Hall, Facilitator: Cally Ross.
    • Preschool Care
    • Nursery Care

  • 10:00 am:
    • Worship Service in the Worship Center - blending current songs of praise
      • Kids Church (kindergarten - through 6th Grade)
      • Preschool Care
      • Nursery Care


  • Sandy Smith Group- Women's Study in West Hall, 10:00am. Facilitator: Sandy Smith.
  • Children, (Birth - 6th grade) 6:30 pm with seasonal 5:30 pm family dinner. (only while Reeds Spring schools are in session)
  • Youth (7-12th grade) 6:30 with seasonal 5:30 pm dinner. (only while Reeds Spring schools are in session)
  • Kent Williams Group: In West Hall 6:30 pm. Facilitator: Kent Williams

    (Babyland child care is available on Wednesday nights during all classes)

Life Groups

Are you looking for a Bible study that meets during the week? Or maybe you are looking for chance to connect with other Christians in vital relationships. This Branson area Christian Church has the following opportunities available. For more info contact Life Group Coordinators: Irv Clubine at 417-559-1896 • Diane Noel - 417-230-3204 or the church office at 417-739-2673.

  • Elston Group 1: 1st & 3rd Thursdays at 6:30pm - Elston home. Facilitator: Dave Elston, 417-830-9426.
  • Elston Group 2: Sunday 9:00am - First Christian, North Hall. Facilitator: Dave Elston, 417-830-9426.
  • Clubine Group: 3rd Monday of the month 6:30pm at the Clubines house, down DD Highway, studying- Is This The End of Times. Facilitator: Irv Clubine, 417-559-1896.
  • Ketcher Group: Young Adults. Sundays 6pm at K's Koffee in Branson West. Facilitator: Jason Ketcher, 417-818-2967.
  • Johnson/Noel Group: - Tuesdays at 2 or 7pm. at South Port Club House. Facilitator: John Noel
  • Cox Group: Sunday 9:00am - First Christian, West Hall. Facilitators: Curtis Cox, 417-251-3227.
  • Kent Williams Group: Wednesday 6:30pm - First Christian, West Hall. Facilitator: Kent Williams, 703-577-6543.
  • Sandy Smith Group: Women's Study. Wednesday 10:00am - First Christian, West Hall. Facilitator: Sandy Smith, 831-902-5533

First Christian office - 417-739-2673
Office Hours - Monday - Friday, 9-5pm
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