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The Scarlet Cord

Examining the Scripture from an eagle-eyed view, there is a scarlet cord, a theme of blood and sacrifice, which shows how the lifeblood of Jesus was always the redemptive price of our betrayal, and how God, knowing the Cross would come, still created our world and sent His Son to redeem mankind on it.

At War Series

Spiritual Warfare is an ever present reality that we are often blind to. We have an enemy. He has tactics. We have weapons. We fight on the side of victory. We are At War.

Unleashed Series

What could happen if the church were set free from the bondage of debt? How would it change individuals, how would it grow their outreach, how would it impact their community?

Home For Christmas

Come home to the Father for Christmas. He wants you, He's set a place for you, and He forgives you.